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What Can I Take For Covid Chest Congestion

If you have a dry cough, a teaspoon of honey in hot water can help soothe your throat. If you have congestion, a warm, non-caffeinated beverage or warm shower can help loosen mucus. In addition, ensuring you stay well-hydrated can aid your immune system as it fights off the virus. 3. Using over-the-counter medications when necessary.

This should be followed by proper mask use for the next five days. If they cannot quarantine for five days, they must wear a well-fitted mask for 10 days when around people. Traveling or being around high-risk people must be avoided during these 10 days. A test for COVID-19 must be done as soon as symptoms appear. Taking a steam shower or using a humidifier can thin your mucus, reduce inflammation and open up your sinuses. If you have sinus pain or pressure, Thompson recommended placing a warm compress over your nose and eyes. Nasal saline spray and nasal irrigation tools (like a neti pot) can help clear out some of the phlegm, too.


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